Welcome to Dutch Aviation, an overview of Dutch Aviation History from 1900 till now. Dedicated to KLM Captain and writer Adriaan Viruly.

KLM logo before WW2

The Fokker chapters are home for a historic review of Fokker Aircrafts Company, a biography of Anthony Fokker and a complete view off all build and designed Fokker military and civil aircrafts.

The Royal Dutch Airlines KLM, the oldest Airliner in the World, has one of the biggest achievements in flighthistory on its name: the start of the longest, weekly postal/passenger airlineservice then, from Amsterdam to Batavia in the former Dutch Colony East Indies (now Indonesia).

On september 25 2013, it is 83 years ago that the dream of KLM president Albert Plesman came true: a weekly service to Batavia, 8000Nm in 12 days.


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Building on a dream:
The Memorial Flight, executed in a small single engine aircraft, facing the same experience and adventure of overflying a variation of countries and cultures as KLM crew and passengers did 80 years ago.

A dream: the Memorial flight

Anthony Fokker in his first aircraft, the spider

KLM DC2KLM and Air France, joined together since 2004


Dutch Aviation History:
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Join the history of Dutch pioneering in the world of Avation from the beginning of the last century.


Anthony Fokker
Features the biography of Anthony Fokker and a historic overview of Fokker Aircraft Industries.
Includes chronological overview of all build Fokker Civil and Military Aircrafts.


Adriaan Viruly
This part of the site is dedicated to KLM captain Adriaan Viruly, both pilot and author. He wrote a number of famous books. Just look through his eyes and enjoy the thrill of the adventure of flying in the early days. Complete biography and bibliography


Iwan Smirnoff
Another famous KLM Captain, the only Russian Fighter pilot who became one of the most skilled KLM airline pilots.

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Willem van Veenendaal
KLM captain from the early years, writer and sportsfisher in heart and soul.


Batavia Memorial
Gives an overview and update of the plans to makea flight from Amsterdam to Batavia.

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About myself
A short briefing of the maker of this site and some private flying photo's.

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