Departure of mr. F. Beelaerts van Blokland, vice-president of the Raad van State, to South- Africa for visiting the "Voortrekkers-eeuwfeest"

The flying hotel

Poster promoting the Fokker F.36

KLM began using ever larger aircraft for the long haul to the East.

Prior to 1934, Plesman had commissioned the design and construction of a large Fokker prototype: the F.XXXVI. He had initially intended to enter this aircraft in the London Melbourne race, but it took some time before the prototype was airworthy.

Fokker F.36

The PH-AJA 'Arend' (Eagle) was larger than its predecessors and could transport either 36 or 16 passengers, depending on whether the seats were used as beds during the flight. This feature would undoubtely have been a dream come true for many passengers who made the long journey to Batavia. Unfortunately, the Eagle which became known as the 'Flying Hotel' - never made the flight to the colony.

It did, however, transport holidaymakers to the island of Texel, off the northern Dutch coast.

Schiphol 1938Special envelope and stamps (click to enlarge)

Schiphol overview in 1938

The terras at Schiphol, 1938

KLM Headoffice in The Hague, used from 1938-1940. At this moment the Dutch ministery of traffic and watermanagement is grounded in this buildingKLM DC3 in 1938

In 1938 the Royal Dutch East Indies Airlines (KNILM) linked the regular KLM services to Indonesia with Sydney, Australia



Eight day service to Sydney

By June 1938, KLM was offering an eight-day service from Amsterdam to Sydney, Australia in parallel with regular international flights from Europe to Egypt, India, the Caribbean, and South America.

For many business travelers,


KLM was the most convenient way to travel to the farthest reaches of the planet. Almost all the routes were served by Douglas DC-2, DC-3, and DC-5 aircraft. Plesman switched completely to Douglas after he had a falling out with the Fokker company.

Schiphol must stay!

"Schiphol must stay in Amsterdam" This action was organised by the city of NieuwerAmstel and about 10.000 demonstrants took part of it.