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Type F.10A.
Type of aircraft
Country U.S.A.
Date 1928
Span 79'3"
length 49'11"
load 5320#
Engine three 400hp P&W Wasp
Range 755 mls
Fokker F.10A (U.S)

Fokker F.10a

Anthony Fokker and his wife Violet in the cabin of a Fokker F.10a of the Richfield Oil Company of California. CEO Talbot (left) used this F.10a as a businessplane which was becoming popular in the twenties

Fokker F.10a

Fokker F10a from Western Air Express

Fokker F.10a from Pan American Airways who flew between Key West and Havana, Cuba, a route over 110 miles of sea


Extended Fokker F.10

Large luxury version of the Fokker F.10 with three 425hp P&W Wasp C engines.


61 build, of which one to USN as RA-4, and two to AAC as C-5 and twin-engine XLB-2 bomber (as Model 5) for evaluation. (2-228) for 450hp Wasp in 1930.