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Country U.S.
Date 1929
Crew 1 pilot
Wingspan 59 ft. 0 in.
Lenght 43 ft 3 in.
Height 12 ft. 10 in.
number of passengers 6
Enginetype Wright R-1750-13
525 Hp
Max. take-off weight 7.200 lbs.


Fokker F.14 (U.S)

Fokker F.14

Fokker F.14 (U.S)

The American Fokker F.14 was a passengerplane for 7-9 persons. It had no similarity at all with the Dutch F.XIV

The F.14 was a parasolwing plane with the pilot seated behind the wings in an open cockpit. This lookes spectacular and the F.14 almost seemes a giant fighter.


The Fokker F.14a was a modified version, with a closed cockpit and the pilot seated in front of the wing.