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Type F.IIIS(Grulich V.I and V.Ia or V2)
Type of aircraft
Country Germany
Date first flight 1925/1928
Crew 1
Wingspan in metres 17,6 m
number of passengers 5


Fokker F.IIIS


A special development

Two F.IIIs were rebuilt by Karl Grulich at Deutsche Aero Lloyd for Deruluft.

These aircraft, in 1925, combined the F.III wing with a new or substantially modified fuselage, and a new rudder with dorsal fin. In this form, the aircraft received the designation Grulich V.I (or sometimes DALFokker F.III).

Later, in 1928, the Rolls-Royce Eagle engine on one of these two was replaced by a Bristol Jupiter.

This aircraft was designated V.Ia (some sources say V.2). It remained with Deruluft as the last F.III and flew until 1930.