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Spin (Spider) 1
Experimental 1 seat aircraft
Type of aircraft
1 person experimental
Date first flight

Drawing made in 1910 with the first design of the Fokker Spider, the first Fokker aircraft

Fokker Spin (Spider) 1

The first Spider, it was made without a rudder


A first experiment...

Anthony Fokker decided in 1910 to build an own airplane together with his school fellow Franz von Daum.

Franz did have enough money to buy a motor. Together with the 1500 German Mark of Anthony's father they where able to start building.

This was a design using numerous bracing wires and accordingly it was called the "spin" (Spider).



The two builders were very excited when the Spin made his first hops. But the joy was only for a short time because when Fokker was in Holland for a few days, von Daum tries to take of with the Spin.

The aircraft hit a tree and it was damaged beyond repair. The engine was still usable and could be used for a second Spin witch they also build together.