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Typenumber Spin (Spider) 2
Experimental 1 seat aircraft
Country Germany
Date first flight 1911
Fokker Spin (Spider) 2

Anthony in his Fokker Spider 2, 1911

Anthony Fokker in his second Spin

Fokker Spider 2

Fokker Spider 2

Improved version

The second Spin was an improved version of the Spin one.

On the 16th of Mai 1911 Fokker did fly on his Spin two the required tests for the desired flying certificate. Short time after this the plane was also destroyed by von Daum.

Then Fokker decided to break the co-operation with Franz von Daum. Von Daum sold Anthony the Argus 50-hp engine witch was used for the two Spin's. Fokker wrote exciting stories to his father in Haarlem (Netherlands) about his flights with the second Spin.

Then his father decided to ask Anthony to demonstrate his plane in the occasion of queensday in the Netherlands. Herman Fokker (Anthony's father) was a member of the local 'Orange committee' organising Haarlem's festivities for that day and he thought that it was a nice possibility to put his son in the picture.


The publicity- conscious Anthony Fokker did not let this opportunity pass and quickly they build a 3rd Spin. Fokker build this Spin together with Jacob Goedecker who also helped building the first two Spin's.