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Typenumber C.14.W. waterplane
Type of aircraft
Trainer and reconaissance
Country The Netherlands
Date first flight 1937
Wingspan in metres 12.05 m
Height 4.25 m
Wing Area: 31.70 m2
Length 9.55 m
Crew 2
Empty Weight: 1315 kg
1945 kg
Armament 2*mg7.9mm
Enginetype 1 * Wright Whirlwind R-975-E3
336 kW
Ceiling: 4800 m
Speed (max) 230 km/h
Range: 950 km




Fokker C.14W

Prototype of the C.14W

Fokker C.14W

This Fokker C-14W F-7 was photographed just after the capitulation. The Dutch soldier on the right has the white arm-band as the sign for the capitulation. This plane must therefore have been fallen in German hands with only one float punctiured

Biplane floatstrainer

Biplane trainer and reconaissance aircraft, equipped with floats.

This plane for two persons was designed as a follow up for the Fokker C.7W

The Dutch Navy bought 24 of these aircrafts before the beginning of World War II. 2 January 1939, of which last 6 for NEI. Delivered 5 May 1939 - 6 December 1939. Serials F-1 to F-24.

Advanced training/light recce floatplane to replace C.VII-W. 11 escaped to UK 22 May 1940, for transfer to NEI. All survivors lost March 1942.

During the mobilisation and the beginning of the war, the C.14's patrolled the Dutch coast.