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Type of aircraft
Country U.S.
Date 1931
Crew 2 pilots
Wingspan 59 ft. 0 in.
Lenght 45 ft 0 in.
Height 13 ft. 0 in.
number of passengers 6
Enginetype Pratt & Whitney R-1860-1 Hornet radial
575 Hp
Max. take-off weight 6.350 lbs.
Cruise speed 110 Mph, max 125 Mph
Range 400 miles
11.000 ft
Fokker C.16


Amphibian plane

The Air Corps bought one Fokker Model F.XIa amphibian for evaluation in 1931.

The flying boat was roughly the same size as the Fokker C-14 and featured a single shoulder-mounted wing, wheels which could retract into sponsons (floats) for water operation and a Pratt & Whitney Hornet radial engine above the wing in the pusher configuration (propeller to the rear).


The Y1C-16 was used primarily for evaluation and testing and only a single example was bought.

The Y1C-16 was redesignated C-16 in 1932 after the Y1 subtype designator was dropped.