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Typenumber C.4.
Type of aircraft
Reconaissance biplane
Country The Netherlands
Date first flight 1923
Wingspan 12.90m
Crew 2
Empty Weight: 1450 kg
2270 kg
Armament 3-4*mg7.7mm
Enginetype 1 * Napier Lion
336 kW
Ceiling: 5500 m
Speed (max) 214 km/h
Range: 1200 km


Fokker C.4


Reconaissance biplane, an enlarged and more powerful development of the Fokker C.1.

The prototype had a 400Hp Liberty engine.

The C.4a fighter/reconaissance aircraft actually had a smaller wingspan, the C.4b and C.4c reconaissance aircrafts had a larger wingspan then the original design.

A total of 159 were build, (20 in Spain) for the Dutch armed forces, Spain, the USSR, Argentina and the USA.