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Typenumber C.5W
Type of aircraft
Country The Netherlands
Crew 2
Speed (max) 250 km/u
Range 800 km



Fokker C.5W

Fokker C.5W

Biplane with floats

In the Netherlands, this type C.5W was unsuccesfull.

In Sweden however, C.5's were rebuild with floats and the Swedish were very satisfied with his performance.

6 C.5W floatplane 2-seat advanced trainers, were serialled Z-1 to Z-6, delivered during 1925.

Later converted to C.V-C landplanes.
6 C.V-C landplane trainers, serialled Z-7 to Z-12, delivered during 1926.

12 C.V-E two-seat recce-bombers, serialled Z-13 to Z-24, delivered 1926 - 1927.

Most withdrawn 1938. Latterly used as air gunnery trainers, observation platforms and for 'met' flights.
6 C.V-D ordered 8 July 1927, serials J-1 to J-6 reserved, but contract taken over by the NEI army.