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Typenumber C.8
Type of aircraft
Light bomber
Country The Netherlands
Date first flight 1927
Crew 3




Fokker C.8

Fokker C.8 three persons reconaissance/bomber

Reconaissance aircraft

Parasol-wing, single-engined reconaissance /bomberaircraft.

This aircraft was the answer on a request of the Dutch Airforce LVA to build a larger reconaissance aircraft (fitted for a crew of three) then sofar.


Nine C.8W. floatplanes sold to the MLD, one with wheeled landing gear to the LVA.

9 aircraft delivered 20 June 1930 - July 1934, serialled G-1 to G-9, 3-seat maritime recce floatplane. Still serving in May 1940, when 5 escaped to UK, but withdrawn and scrapped 30 May 1940.