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Typenumber D.1./M.18
Type of aircraft
Country Germany
Date first flight 1916
120 Hp
Enginetype Mercedes DII
Crew 1
Wingspan 9.05m
Height 2.55m
Wing Area: 20.00m
Length 6.30m
Empty Weight 463kg
Armament 1*mg
Speed (max) 105km/h
Range 1.5 hrs
Fokker D.1/M.18

Fokker D.1

Martin Kreutzer in front of a Fokker D.1. He lost his life during a testflight with this same type on june 27 1916. He had designed all Fokker aircrafts from the M.5 off, Fokker only handled the big lines in the design

Fokker D.1

Development from the M.17

Single-seat fighter biplane, a development from the Fokker M.17.

With a heavy 120hp Mercedes engine, the D.1. was seriously underpowered. About 130 built.

The D.1. was the first of a serie of fighters developed for the Germans in WO I.

The D.1. is very much simular to the Fokker D.2., was however equipped with another less stronger engine.

The D.1. did nor perform very well and was never used in combat.