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Typenumber D.13
Type of aircraft
Country The Netherlands
Date first flight 1924
Wingspan 11 m
Height 2.90 m
Length 7.90 m
Crew 1
Empty Weight: 1220 kg
1650 kg
Armament 2*mg7.7mm
Enginetype 1 * Napier Lion XI
570 hp
Ceiling: 8000 m
Speed (max) 270 km/h
Range: 600k m
Fokker D.13

The D.13 was with a speed of 266 km/h the fastest fighter in the world. Here a German D.13 operating from Lipetzk in Russia

Fokker D.13 (and a Spider behind it) at theAviation Salon de Paris


Sesquiplane fighter, a development of the Fokker D.11., build in the Netherlands

The official customer for this type was Argentina, but they really were intended for the reborn, still illegal German Luftwaffe on bases in Russia.

A total of 52 were delivered.

When Germany abandoned Lipetsk in 1933, the remaining 30 were handed over to the USSR.