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Typenumber D.16
Type of aircraft
Country The Netherlands
Date first flight 1929
Wingspan in metres 9.40 m
Height 2.70 m
Wing Area: 18.50 m2
Length 7.20 m
Crew 1
Empty Weight: 990 kg
1400 kg
Armament 2*mg7.92mm
Enginetype 1 * A.S. Jaguar
power (HP or LBS)
460 hp
Ceiling: 640 km
Speed (max) 330 km/h
Fokker D.16

Jhr. mr. G. Sandberg in front of a D.16 of the Royal Dutch Airforce L.V.A., july 31 1932

Formation of Fokker D.16 fighters of the L.V.A.

Biplane fighter

Biplane fighter, designed for the Dutch airforce to finally replace the Fokker D.7. of WWI vintage.

In the beginning, the performance of this aircraft was very poor because of the 460 Hp Jaguar engine which stuck sometimes after a short time. Because of this, the D.16 was ordered to operate only near the airfield and long climbs were also not allowed.

The D.16. however looked good and flew well, but its endurance was limited by its oil consumption of 10 liters per hour, to an hour and a half.


The radial engine had been modified to make them more reliable, but at some cost!

21 were build, export models included.

The D.16 was, in despite of the problems and the bad reputation, a very popular fighter for most pilots.