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Typenumber D.3.
Type of aircraft
Country Germany
Date first flight 1917
Enginetype UIII Starengine
120 Kw
Crew 1
Wingspan 9.05m
Height 2.25m
Wing Area: 20.00m
Length 6.30m
Crew 2-3
Empty Weight: 452kg
Armament 1-2*mg 7.92mm
Speed (max) 160km/h
Ceiling 4725m
Range: 1.5 hrs
Fokker D.3/M.19K

Fokker D.3/M.19K. This one of ten bought by the Dutch airforce department. It had orange cirkels on the side

Fokker D.3

Development of the D.2

The D.3 was a development of the Fokker D.2 by using a stronger U.III two-row rotary engine and a stronger fusulage.

The Fokker D.3 was armed with two Spandau MG's.
The engine proved unreliable.

The D.3. was a better fighter then the D.2 and Fokker D.1 but was still not good enough.

Not only the fighters from the allied were better, also other German aircrafts like the new Albatros and Halberstadt were performing better.

Although this fighter is not often used in battle, pilots like Boelcke, von Richthofen and Udet completed some succesfull missions in it.

All together almost 300 D.2 and D.3 fighters are build.