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Typenumber D.5./M22E
Type of aircraft
Country Germany
Date first flight 1916
Crew 1
Enginetype Oberursel UI Sterengine
Wingspan 9,05m
Wing Area: 15.50m
Length 6.30m
Height 2.30m
Empty Weight: 363kg
Armament 1-2*mg 7.92mm
Speed (max) 170km/h
Ceiling 4000m
Range: 1.5 hrs
Fokker D.5/M.22E

Fokker D.5

Fokker D.5

Fokker D.5

Approved version of the D.3

Further developed and approved version of the Fokker D.3. with a 100 hp engine.

The design of this Fokker fighter was completed by the later famous Reinhold Platz.

The D.5. owed much to its precursors, but had a sweptback upper wing, and a cleanly cowled engine.

The armament existed of one machinegun. It was one of the most manouverable aircrafts of its time.

This Oberursul engine however was not strong enough to fight in 1916 in the westfront (the Albatros fighters were much superior), so the 216 build aircrafts were used for training of German pilots.