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Typenumber D.8./E.5.
Type of aircraft
Country Germany
Date first flight April 1918
crew 1
Wingspan 27 ft 6.75 in
Lenght 19 ft 4 in
Height 9 ft 3 in
Enginetype Oberursel UR-II, 9 cylinder air cooled rotary
110 hp
Gross Weight 1,238 lb
Max speed 115 mph at sea level
Ceiling: 20,670 ft
Endurance 1.5 hours
Number build About 290
Armament 2 Spandau machine guns
Fokker D.8


The D.8. was a parasol monoplane fighter. It was readily accepted by the German airforce.

Winner of the April 1918 fighter competition, the Fokker D.8. monoplane was delayed by production problems with the wings..

Only thirty six of them entered service during the last weeks of the war.
Equipped with an underpowered engine, the D.8. was nevertheless an excellent fighter



Fokker D.7, C Arvo Karin

eagerly received by the German Air Force.

Dubbed the "Flying Razor" by Allied pilots, it had the distinction (?)of scoring the last aerial victory of the war.

It was also known as the Fokker E.5.

About 290 were built.