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Typenumber D.9
Type of aircraft
Country Germany
Date first flight 1922
Wingspan 8.99 m
Height 2.74 m
Wing Area: 22.11 m2
Length 7.09 m
Crew 1
Empty Weight: 874 kg
Max.Weight: 1253 kg
Armament 2*mg
Enginetype 1 * Hispano Suiza 8Fb
220 kW
Speed (max) 223 km/h
Range: 471 km
Fokker D.9/PW.6

Fokker D.9 PW6

Development of the D.7

This was the final development of the Fokker D.7., famous German fighter of the end of WWI. It was one of Fokkker's first designs after World War I.

The prototype was delivered to the USAAS, which assigned it the designation PW-6.

The prototype had a streamlined fueltank around the wheelsuspension, but later after delivering tot the USAAS this was removed.



It offered only a marginally better performance than the D.7.

One build.

The aircraft had a Wright-Hispano 300Hp engine and was armed with two machineguns.