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Type F.VIIa-3m
Type of aircraft
Crew 2/3
Wingspan 19.3 m
Lenght 14.0 m
Height 3.9 m
2150 kg
Takeoff weight 3600 kg
Enginetype 3xWright J-4 Whirlwind
power (HP or LBS)
195 hp each
Max. speed 200 km/h
Cruise speed 170 km/h
Landing speed 75 km/h
Climb rate 4.0 m/s
Ceiling 4750 m
3800 m
Takeoff roll 240 m
Landing roll 240 m
Range 850 km
Date first flight 1925
Country Netherlands
Fokker F.VIIa-3m

Fokker F.VII-3m at Soesterberg airfield

High wing bomber

The F.VII/3m, a high-wing transport aicraft of mixed construction (wooden wing, steel tube fuselage) with three radial engines, was probably the most famous aircraft ever built by Fokker.

The F.VII was used by many airliners and for many long-range flights, but it also had military users.



The Dutch Royal Airforce finally had possession of three heavy-bombers, of the type Fokker F.VIIa.-3M, with bomb racks under the fuselage.

The Fokker did not have good results as a heavy bomber, so the government ordered 16 Fokker T.5. heavy bombers for the Bomber Unit.