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Overview of all build and designed Fokker Military Aircrafts sorted chronologically.

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Type letters for Fokker military aircraft originated in the German system for designating military aircraft, but further letters were added as required.

The letters were used in combination with a sequential design number (initially expressed in Roman numerals) in each type letter series.
Several of the designs were exclusively used by the Fokker subsidiary in the USA.

Fokker type letters were:

B Amphibian
C General purpose
D Doppeldecker (Biplane Fighter), later Fighter
Dr Dreidecker (Triplane Fighter)
E Eindecker (Monoplane Fighter)
F Transport aircraft
G Twin-engine fighter/bomber
K Kampfflugzeug (Fighter)
S Trainer
T Bomber
V Versuchflugzeug (Experimental)
W Wasserflugzeug (Flying Boat)




Fokker Military Aircrafts 1911-1918

M.1. Spider
Two persons Military trainer Germany
M.2. Spider Two persons Military trainer Germany 1912
M.3. Spider Two persons Military trainer Germany 1912
M.4. Spider Two persons Military trainer Germany 1912
W.1 Experimental waterplane Germany 1913
W.2 Experimental waterplane Germany 1913
M.5. One person trainer/fighter Germany 1914
M.6. Twopersons parasol wing aircraft Germany 1915
M.7. Biplane reconaissance aircraft Germany 1915
E.1. Fokker M.5. armed with a synchronized machinegun Germany 1915
M.5.L./A.2. Two persons trainer based on the M.5. Germany 1915
M.8./A.1 Observation aircraft Germany 1915
M.8E/A.1. One person trainer/obser
vation aircraft
Germany 1915
M.9. Experimental aircraft with two engines Germany 1915
M.10E/B.1 Observation aircraft/trainer, build for Austria Germany 1915
B.2. Unarmed production versio of the M.17. Germany 1915
B.3./M.16Z Biplane reconaissance aircrfat Germany 1915
E.2./M.14 Eindecker Fighter Germany 1915
E.3./M.14 Eindecker Fighter Germany 1915
E.4./M.15 Eindecker Fighter Germany 1915
M.16E Two seat biplane fighter Germany 1915
M.16Z Two seat biplane fighter Germany 1915
Fokker M.17 M.17 Experimental fighter, one built Germany 1915
W.3 Floatplane version of the M.7 Germany 1915
D.1./M.18 Single seat fighter biplane Germany 1916
D.2./M.17ZF Fighter, armed production version of the M.17 Germany 1916
D.3. Fighter Germany 1916


Fighter/trainer Germany 1916
D.5. Fighter/trainer Germany 1916
V.1. Experimental fighter Germany 1916
V.2. Experimental fighter Germany 1916
Fokker V.3 V.3. Prototype one for Fokker Dr.1 Germany 1917
V.4. Prototype two for Fokker Dr.1 Germany 1917
V.5. Prototype three for Fokker Dr.1 Germany 1917
V.6. Prototype four for Fokker Dr.1 Germany 1917
V.4/V.4 Prototype for Fokker Dr.1 Germany 1917
V.7. Experiment for Fokker Dr.1 Germany 1917
D.6. Biplane fighter Germany 1917
V.8. Experimental aircraft with five wings Germany 1917
V.9. Prototype for the Fokker D.6 Germany 1917
Fokker F.1 F.1 Dreidecker Different version of the Fokker Dr.1 Germany 1917
Dr.1 Dreidecker Fighter Germany 1917
V.11 Prototype for D.7 Germany 1918
V.12 Development of the V.9 Germany 1918
Fokker V.13-I V.13-I Definitive prototype for Fokker D.7 Germany 1918
V.13-II Prototype for Fokker D.7 Germany 1918
V.14 Development of the V.9 Germany 1918
D.7 Fighter Germany 1918
V.16 Development of the V.9 Germany 1918
V.17 Monoplane fighter Germany 1918
V.18 Monoplane Germany 1918
V.20 Monoplane Germany 1918
Fokker V.21 V.21 Experimental fighter Germany 1918
V.22 Experimental fighter Germany 1918
V.23 Experimental fighter Germany 1918
V.24 Experimental fighter Germany 1918
V.25 Experimental fighter Germany 1918
V.26 Prototype for D.8 Germany 1918
Fokker V.27 V.27 Experimental fighter Germany 1918
V.28 Experimental fighter Germany 1918
V.29 Prototype for D.8 Germany 1918
V.30 Monoplane glider Germany 1918
V.31 Development of the D.7 fighter Germany 1918
Fokker V.33 V.33 Experimental fighter Germany 1918
Fokker V.34 V.34 Experimental fighter Germany 1918
V.35 Experimental fighter Germany 1918
V.36 Experimental fighter Germany 1918
Fokker V.37 V.37 Experimental fighter Germany 1918
Fokker V.38 V.38 Prototype for C.1 Germany 1918
D.8/E.5 Fighter Germany 1918
C.1 2 persones trainer/Fighter Germany 1918
C.1W 2 persones waterplane,
based on the
Germany 1918
Fokker Military Aircrafts 1919-1940

V.43 2 persons trainer Germany 1919
T.2 Torpedo
Netherlands 1920
C.2 2 persons biplane Netherlands 1920
T.3 2 persons trainer Netherlands 1920
T.3W Torpedo
Netherlands 1920
V.41 Single seat monoplane Netherlands 1922
C.3 Two persons advanced trainer Netherlands 1922
F.6/PW.5 Monoplane fighter Netherlands 1922
D.9/PW.6 Monoplane fighter Netherlands
U.S Army Service
B.I Biplane flighing boat Netherlands 1922
Fokker S.1 S.1 Biplane
Netherlands 1922
S.2 Biplane
trainer, 2 seats next ea
Netherlands 1922
S.2A Ambulance plane Netherlands 1922
B.II Biplane flighing boat Netherlands 1923
S.3 Biplane trainer Netherlands 1923
D.10 Fighter developed from the V.41 Netherlands 1923
D.11 Fighter Netherlands 1923
D.12 Fighter Netherlands 1923
C.4 Reconais-
sance biplane
Netherlands 1923
C.4W Reconais-
sance biplane on floats
Netherlands 1923
DC.1 Reconais-
sance fighter
Netherlands 1923
S.4 Two persons trainer Netherlands 1923
D.13 Fighter Netherlands 1923
C.5a, prototype for the C.5c Fighter Netherlands 1923
C.5c Fighter Netherlands 1923
C.5W Biplane with floats Netherlands 1923
Fokker F.VIIa-3M Bomber F.VIIa-3m Bomber Netherlands 1925
D.14 Fighter Netherlands 1926
C.5d Fighter Netherlands 1926
C.5e Fighter Netherlands 1926
C.6 Reconais-
sance aircraft
Netherlands 1926
C.7W Waterplane, advanced trainer Netherlands 1926
B.III Biplane flighing boat Netherlands 1926
C.8 Lightbomber Netherlands 1927
B.IVA Amphibie Netherlands 1928
D.16 Biplane fighter Netherlands 1929
C.9 Variation on the C.5E with a stronger engine Netherlands 1930
D.17 Biplane fighter Netherlands 1931
C.10 Two-seat mixed structured semi-biplane Netherlands 1934
115 Four-engine bomber
drawing, not build
Netherlands 1934
T.4 Torpedo-bomber Netherlands 1935
T.7W Two-engine waterplane, drawing, not build Netherlands 1935
B.5 Three-engine flying boat, drawing, not build Netherlands 1935
C.11W Floatplane Netherlands 1935
G.1 Fighter Netherlands 1935
Fokker D.21 1936 D.21 Fighter Netherlands 1936
Fokker C.14W C.14W Floatplane Netherlands 1936
S.9 Biplane trainer Netherlands 1936
T.5 Bomber Netherlands 1936
Fokker T.8W T.8W Torpedo floatplane Netherlands 1938
Fokker T.9 T.9 Bomber Netherlands 1938
D.23 Fighter Netherlands 1939
C.15W Waterplane, drawing, not build Netherlands 1940

Fokker Military Aircrafts 1946-

S.11 Instructor Monoplane trainer Netherlands
S.12 Instructor Monoplane trainer Brasil 1948
Fokker S.13 S.13 Twinengine trainer Netherlands 1948
S.14 Jet trainer Netherlands 1951
F.27 Patrol aircraft Netherlands 1955
D-24 Fighter Netherlands
F.60 Transport aircraft Netherlands 1985
AWACS version of the F.50 Netherlands 1994

Fokker Military Aircrafts U.S.A.

XCO-4 Observation
U.S. 1922
T-2 Military transporter U.S. 1922
AO-1 Observation
U.S. 1924
C-2 Military
U.S. 1927
B.11 All-metal, folding-wing personal plane U.S. 1928
XLB-2 Bomber U.S. 1929
Fokker XO-27 XO-27 Observation plane U.S. 1929
C-2A Military cargo
U.S. 1929
Fokker C-7A USA, 1929 C-7A Passenger-
transport plane
U.S. 1929
XB-8 Observation plane
U.S. 1930
Fokker XA-7 XA-7 All metal attack bomber U.S. 1930
C.14 Cargoplane U.S. 1930
C.14A Cargoplane U.S. 1930
C.14B Cargoplane U.S. 1930
C.15 Ambulance
U.S. 1930
C.15A Ambulance
U.S. 1930
PJ.1/2 Flying boat U.S. 1930
YC-20/F.32 Passenger
transport plane
U.S. 1930
C.16 Amphibian U.S. 1931