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Typenumber M.1. Spider
Type of aircraft
2 person trainer
Country Germany
Date first flight 1911
Crew 2
Fokker M.1. Spider

Bernard de Waal and Kuntner in a Fokker M.1., the military version of the Spider 1

Fokker factory in Johannistal. Anthony Fokker flying his looping (very near the ground!) in a M.1

Fokker Flying School at Doberitz. We see a group of Spiders, M.1 and M.5's. The first series of armed M.5's went to this school to prepare pilots for their service at the front

First military trainer

This was the military version of Anthony Fokker's first aircraft, the 'Spin' (Spider).


The M.1 was a two-seat monoplane.

From 1913 onwards it was used by military flying schools.