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Typenumber M.5.
Type of aircraft
1 person experimental fighter
Country Germany
Date first flight 1914
Crew 1
Wingspan 9,5
Lenght 7,2
Enginetype 1xOberursel
80 hp
max speed 130 km/h
ceiling 3000 m
Fokker M.5. (K)

Fokker M.5

Fokker Flying School at Doberitz. We see a group of Spiders, M.1 and M.5's. The first series of armed M.5's went to this school to prepare pilots for their service at the front


Mid-wing monoplane

The Fokker M.5. was inspired by the Morane-Saulnier fighters.

It was a mid-wing monoplane, flown first in mid-1914.

The M.5. was of mixed construction, with a steel-tube fuselage and wooden wings, the constructional method that would remain typical for Fokker aircraft.

It was sold to the Prussian army as the Fokker A.2. and Fokker A.3. and was developed into the Fokker E.1.


Fokker M.5

The photo shows the cockpit and the synchronized machinegun of the M.5K/MG. The K meant Kurz (short wing) and MG meant 'Maschinengewehr", machinegun.

On the rightside we can see the delivery of bulletsfor the gun.