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Typenumber S.12
Type of aircraft
Monoplane trainer aircraft
Country Brasilia
Date first flight 1948
Crew 2
Wingspan 11.0 m
Lenght 8.2 m
Height 2.4 m
number of passengers 1
Enginetype 1xAvco Lycoming O-435-A
190 hp
Empty Weight 810kg
Max. speed 210 km/h
Cruise speed 165 km/h
Cruise ceiling 4000 m
Range 695 km
Service With Netherlands AF
Fokker S.12

Fokker S.12

Monoplane trainer, nosewheel

Fokker's Brazilian subsidiary built 50 of these S.12 types, a development of the Fokker S.11 however with nosewheel landing gear.

Low-wing monoplane trainer aircraft, the first S.11 prototype flew in December 1947.



The aircraft entered service in 1948.

The Netherlands bought 40, that replaced the Tiger Moth in Dutch service. Israel bought 41. Macchi license-built 150 for the Italian air force, and 100 more were built in Brazil.