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Typenumber T.4.
Type of aircraft
3 persons torpedo bomber / reconaissance
Country The Netherlands
Crew 4
Wingspan 26.20m
Lenght 17.60m
Height 6.00m
Wing area 97.80m2
Enginetype 2 * Wright Cyclone SR-1820-F2
Takeoff weight 7200kg
Max. speed 260km/h
Ceiling 5900m
Range 1560km
Date first flight 1926
Armament: 3*mg7.9mm 800kg




Fokker T.4 /T.4a

Fokker T.4a

Fokker T.4


Floatplane torpedo-bomber and reconaissance aircraft, designed for use in the Dutch far east possessions, crew of four.

First appeared in 1934 and were in service, but hopelessly outclassed by the invading japanese aitcraft.

Power Plant: Two Wright Cyclone GR-1820-F52 air cooled radial.

The plane had a armament of three manually operated machine guns in an open nose cockpit, rear cockpit and one firing through the floor of the rear cockpit beneath the tail.
Bomb load 1,760lb internally mounted. Alternatively a single 1,320lb torpedo could be carried externally.

The T.4 was a remarkably ugly, angular monoplane.


12 T.IV version (Lorraine engines) delivered 1927 - 12 August 1930, torpedo-bomber/recce floatplane. Serials T-1 to T-12. Rebuilt 1936 with Cyclone engines. Several still in service in May 1940.

12 T.IVA version (Cyclone engines) to NEI 27 April 1936 - 1938, and still used in March 1942. Serials T-13 to T-24.

In 1935 a modernized version was presented, the T.4a which had new engines, a closed cockpit and guncupolas. The plane however was still outcated.

33 build in total.