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Typenumber V.1.
Type of aircraft
1 person experimental fighter
Country Germany
Date first flight December 1916
110 hp
Enginetype Le Rhone
Crew 1
Wingspan 7.87m
Height 2.74m
Wing Area: 15.00m
Armament 2*mg
Speed (max) 178km/h
Fokker V.1

Fokker V.1

Parallel development of the V.2

Single seat biplane with cantilever wings and no struts, parallel development of the Fokker V.2.

This was first Fokker designed entirely by Reinhold Platz. The V.1. was a biplane, but had the typical, thick wooden cantilever wings used by Platz.

The fuselage was tubby, but clean of lines, and the rotary engine was nicely cowled, with a large propeller spinner.

It was considered too radical for service use. The V.1, V.2 and V.3 were not sent to the front for combat evaluations


One built.

With the appearance of the experimental biplane V.1, machines were given a different designation to that previously used in order to emphasise that from that time onwards a type was made which differed in its entire conception from previous machines.

This difference was the use of the cantilever wing system