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Typenumber V.23.
Type of aircraft
Country Germany
Crew 1
Date first flight 1918
Enginetype Mercedes D.III
Wingspan 8.73m
Wingarea 11.12 m2
Lenght 5.80m
Height: 2.65m
Empty Weight 673 kg
Max. weight 853 kg
max speed 200 km/h
Armament 2x7962 mm machine gun
Number built 1





Fokker V.23

Fokker V.23

Fokker V.23


The V.23 was a single seat monoplane with cantilever mid-wing 

Despite the rejection of the Fokker V.17 and Fokker V.20, Fokker continued the development of the mid-wing, cantilever monoplane fighter.


It had the familiar mixed construction. The German military rejected the V.23 on sight, claiming that the cockpit offered inadequate forward view.

One built.