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Typenumber V.3.
Type of aircraft
Prototype nr.1 for Dr.1
Country Germany
Date first flight 1917
Enginetype Le Rhone
Fokker V.3

Fokker V.2 left and Fokker V.3 right





Development of the V.2

First single seat triplane with cantilever wings, no struts.

The V.3 was a development of the Fokker V.2 however with a larger wing.
The variable incidence of the upper wing, as used for the Fokker V.1 and V.2, was abandoned and a simplified set of struts with fixed incidence used.


It was considered too difficult to fly for frontline pilots.

One built.

Some sources use the V.3 designation for the early Fokker V.4 without wing struts.

The V3 is considered to be the first prototype for the succesfull Fokker Dr.1.