This site is dedicated to Adriaan Viiruly (1905-1986), KLM captain and Commodore, both pilot and author.

He wrote a number of books during and after his flying carreer.
Join him and enjoy the thrill of the adventure of flying in the early days.
Read about his life. This is in Dutch, however it contains a lot of interesting historic photomaterial.

Audrey Hepburn

And what has Adriaan Viruly to do with Audrey Hepburn, The Goddess of old classic movies?
Well, after the war, Audrey Hepburn living in The Netherlands, studied ballet with hopes of becoming a dancer. Her career took a different turn; Audrey modeled some and was cast in a bit part in the film 'Nederlands in 7 lessen' in 1948.

Not, as the title suggests, an instructional documentary, but a feature film.

Audrey played the small role of air stewardess. Filmed in the Netherlands with Captain Adriaan Viruly in one of the parts also!In Europe, writer Colette spotted Audrey and cast her in the Broadway musical "Gigi." Audrey moved to the United States and won rave reviews for her performance. Take a look at a clip
of Audrey's first small film role as a stewardess.


Adriaan Viruly

Take a look in the complete bibliography of Adriaan Viruly, in which important historic moments are viewed with the eyes of this famous Dutch author and KLM captain. (also in Dutch)

Please also read his biography




Special books and items

Letters begin eighties. Viruly answering questions from young Dutch fan Remy Denker (in Dutch)
Actually this was my chance to find the adress and telephonenumber from Viruly's wife, the great actress Mary Dresselhuys and visited here afterwards.

Unfortunately Mary died in 2004, but I am still so proud that a had a chance to show here this website as a tribute to here late husband Adriaan ("Jons" for her)

Op schrijversvoeten door Nederland
van Clare Lennart, het geschenk ter gelegenheid van de 20e boekenweek in 1955, De auteur een interview met Adriaan Viruly vlak voor het ongeval met de Triton.

In het eerste gelid
Nederlandse uitgave van 1955. Door auteur Schaper worden een twaalftal opvallende Nederlanders geportretteerd, waaronder Viruly. Half interview, half beschrijvend

Ontluisterde mei
In 1960
beschrijft Viruly gedetailleerd en met veel humor zijn belevenissen op de 10de en 14de mei 1940, toen de laatste drie Douglassen van de K.L.M. "bijna" ontsnapten aan de Duitsers.

Briefwisseling Van Schagen - Viruly
I traced special letterexchanges between Viruly and two authors from the province of Zeeland, J.C. van Schagen and poetrist Johanna Kruit, published © in the 'Zeeuws Tijdschrift' in 1964/1965 and 1999/2000

Bijzondere briefwisselingen tussen Viruly en literator en kunstenaar J.C. van Schagen, uitgegeven in het Zeeuws Tijdschrift in 1964/1965 in Zeeuwen buiten Zeeland
Heel mooi is dit interview met Viruly uit 1979. Verschenen in (1982) van de hand van M.A. Geuze en M.P. de Bruin. Viruly zelf aan het woord over zijn schrijvend en vliegend leven.

Met handgeschreven reproductie van het gedicht "Walcheren" op briefpapier van Adriaan Viruly en Mary Dresselhuys. Verder legt Viruly ondermeer uit hoe hij het noodlottige vliegtuigongeluk bij Shannon verwerkte...

KLM Constellation, the last aircraft Adriaan Viruly flew in 1954

  January 1949: two KLM Constellations arrive at Schiphol from a flight from Batavia via a new route due to the actions of the Dutch military in the Dutch East Indies.

  Dutch "Boekenweek" (week of the Book) in march 1949, autors selling books from their colleagues in a Amsterdam ware-house. Adriaan Viruly and Mary Dresselhuys

  Dutch Boekenweek, (week of the Book) in 1951. Adriaan Viruly explanes why literary kilometers are more important then kilometers by air.

  The KLM Liftmaster Dr. Ir. Damme is winner in the handicapcategory of the Christchurchrace. Plesman and Viruly are present with the celebration.

  Oct. 1953 Jeugd- en luchtvaartdag in Den Haag. August 24 1954. Adriaan signs postmaps just two weeks before the disaster with the the Triton.

  At september 5 1954, the KLM Super Constellation, named "Triton", operated on the Amsterdam-New York route. A scheduled refuelling stop was made at Shannon at 02.30h. Some 35-40 seconds after takeoff from Runway 32 the aircraft ditched in the River Shannon, 8170ft from the end of the runway. Viruly was captain of the Triton at that moment.

Op 30 december 1955 landde de Fokker F-VII-a op Schiphol. Dit toestel stond in het Aerodome naast de Spin, het eerste Fokker toestel

  On december 30 1955, a Fokker F-VII-a landed on Schiphol. This aircraft is used as a museumaircraft and is still exposed in the Aviodome. Adriaan Viruly was present at that day.